Jay Fleming

Jay Fleming got an early start in music by singing at church. From there he moved on to playing and singing at local honky tonks in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Soon his travels led him to the east coast where he played and sang at festivals, clubs and various other venues. During his career he has had the pleasure of playing with a multitude of local, regional and national acts.
Having excelled in the blues and rock genres he has expanded his repertoire to include americana, country and “basically whatever feels good.” After spending some time in Nashville his passion for country music was reignited and has since been his musical focus.
Jay’s rich, soulful voice has a tendency to grab you and pull you into whatever he is singing. His voice commands authority and creates a natural connection to whatever he sings.

Jay Fleming

Danny Gene Norton

Danny Gene Norton, born 1956 in Amarillo, Tx. Started playing drums at age 8,won a battle of the bands at age 10. Started playing bass at age 12. 1975 won the H.A.R.D battle of the bands. Played with Nicole Fournier,Johnny Nitro,did three live shows with Roy Bucannon in S.F. Played in many bands during the 70’s and 80’s touring and playing hundreds of underground club gigs. Now residing in the PNW, have toured with Henry Cooper, Tommy Hogan Band,Played on Ken Peterson of the Plastic Ono Bands tribute to John Lennon cd “7 Days North of Crazy(06).Latest project is “Unlikely Saints” with Jay Flemming.


Hudson Huston Hamilton Jr.

It was the 4th grade. I was on my way to the school carnival with a few bucks in my pocket and the hopes for something exciting to happen. I met up with some friends and did the typical carnival stuff at that time; Jacobs Ladder, ring toss and the cookie table. I roamed around and found myself in the auditorium. Bingo games were about to start. I bought a few boards and looked at the loot on the prize table. Stuffed animals, little puzzles, Jug Head glass set….and a small AM/FM radio! I was excited and submitted my ticket to play to win the radio. I won! That was the first moment that I remember that really got me into music. I would listen to that radio every night. Huey Lewis, Van Halen, Roy Orbison and the list goes on. I can remember it like it was yesterday. My craving for music blossomed. In the 5th grade I started the Trombone. Not really into that so I moved on to piano. I took piano lessons for about 3 or 4 years. My taste in music was increasing, as well as my transportation options to be able to get more music. I had a scooter by the age of 13. I would scoot to the Camelot record store at the mall and just pick some random cassette. Usually obscure names that no one has heard of. I have a new appreciation for some of my best friends that were forced to listen to whatever I had in the tape deck. I was always looking for that “sound”, that recipe of sonic vibrations that when put together correctly could lift my spirits, emotions, motivation and create the elusive eargasm! Shortly after I graduated High School I met up with some local musicians and started learning about the music scene in Topeka. I got to be friends with some of the best musicians I have ever met. I learned a lot about myself. Got rid of the Ego thing pretty quick, but not before I almost ruined the friendship of my best friend who is now a phenomenal musician in Colorado. I came to a time in my musical life that I did not think that I was cut out to be a keyboard player. Something was missing. I wanted a fresh start. I started taking bass lessons from a man that has been in the music business all of his life. I think that he is in his 70’s. He was so rich with information, I could have talked and played with him all day! I also joined a band… a rock band. Never thought that I would. I wanted to be in a band like Peter Gabriel or Jamiroquai. I put away the ego and opened up to learn. It was a great experience. Our “leader” was/is very driven and I hope that he makes it out of Topeka someday. I would still be in that band but I and my family got the opportunity to move to Oregon. After we settled in on the coast it was time to explore the music scene. I was looking for serious musicians that needed a serious bass player. When I heard that the Saints were looking for a keyboard player, I raised my hand and said “me, me, me!” I went to the first practice and could tell that there was something special going on and I wanted to be a part of it. I was hooked! I guess that the rest of the band members were hooked too! I take my music seriously….but seriously have fun as well. It’s an honor to be in this band and I look forward to growing, playing shows, recording, writing songs and of course…kicking some ass!